Work Samples

Logo / Brand Identity

A logo is the face of your company. It is the first image you give of yourself/your company to the public. Whether branding an independent professional or a large-scale public event, we work collaboratively with our clients, making sure their brand works—putting their best foot forward.


An infographic is a culmination of a bigger, much more complex story. In our busy, tech-saturated world, it has become crucial to get your information across quickly. Your readers don’t have the time to ‘read’. We research the whole story and then filter it down to it’s essence, in a visual and engaging way, making it easy for your audience to digest.

Graphic Design

When a large amount of technical information has to be translated in many different languages, formatted so it is easily understood, and printed in a cost-effective way, good graphic design is crucial. We chose to use graduated pages, color-code sections, and a flip-book style that would easily accommodate the more complicated content.

Event Marketing & Media Relations

In a robust event community, earning people’s attention requires a strategic approach. In 2010, we re-branded this legacy event, bringing together various media including: ● Radio ● Television ● Outdoor advertising ● Print ● Corporate sponsorship ● Sponsored events Negotiating various media and corporate partnerships to best align and fuel our marketing plan.

Copy Writing

Edith Sanford Breast Foundation came to us to write and design an advertorial spread in Women’s Running magazine to promote their corporate partner, Julep. Jane Park, Julep’s founder, had a compelling testimonial about the mission that she wanted to share. Our cause-related marketing experience gave us the perspective to best relay the unique partnership between these two organizations—marrying a for-profit company with a for-purpose organization.

Corporate Sponsorship

As the first Hult Center Resident company in thirteen years, Ballet Fantastique, a small ballet company in Eugene, Oregon knew they needed more support from the business community to grow into their newly elevated status. Our approach was to collaborate with their working board members to design a corporate sponsorship program that could help meet their goals. Starting with a sponsorship brochure, we developed the program to include levels of sponsorship packages that would best suit the needs of local businesses.